Advocacy for Population and National Advancement [APNA Pakistan]

APNA Pakistan [Advocacy for Population and National Advancement] was a concerted advocacy campaign funded by UNFPA and implemented by a consortium led by Contech International with Centre as one of its implementing partners responsible for strategic social and behaviour change communication. The project was aimed at generating sustained political will and commitment within the current and future governments for universal coverage of family planning services to manage population growth, and social and economic development of the country. The project’s two main objectives were to raise awareness among policymakers, implementers, civil society, donors and families about the benefits of low population growth rate for national and individual health and prosperity; and convert this awareness into action at all levels for better access and utilization of family planning services in Pakistan. The advocacy campaign was implemented for six months prior to 2013 general elections in Pakistan.

Tobacco Advertising and Global Youth Market Survey

In partnership with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center implemented an exploratory study on the relationship of tobacco advertising with marketing regulations and youth in Pakistan. Conducted in 2012 in six countries

Meena Social Mobilization Initiative

Center for Communicatoin Programs facilitated and supported UNICEF Pakistan in developing guidelines and detailed training manuals for different level of training for applying Meena communication material, especially Meena comics. The project entailed facilitating the ToTs at provincial level, monitoring and mentoring the districts, Union Council and school level (cascade method) training sessions on application of Meena communicaiton material as well as carrying out a pre and post assessment of the initiative with children for an informed impact assessment documentation.