Improving Lives through Communication

Center for Communication Programs Pakistan (Center) is a fast growing organisation working globally for improving lives through strategic communication. Affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, USA, Center is an independent nonprofit entity based in Pakistan that excels in the study and practice of development communication. Through social and behavior change communication, advocacy and community mobilization, Center works to address social and cultural issues while adopting multi-channel holistic approaches to adequately address diversities. Center focuses on tailor-made interventions ranging from using interpersonal, group and community-based channels of communication to strategically employing traditional, modern and mainstream media vehicles to reach large and diverse groups of people. Center works in partnerships with various global organisations and has implemented projects in Afghanistan, Jordan, and the Eastern Mediterranean Region besides leading strategic media and communication interventions in Pakistan.

Center draws on Johns Hopkins University’s global resources through a Letter of Agreement that allows it to work jointly on mutually agreed projects.  >>

Center for Communication Programs Pakistan is a sister organization of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs based in Baltimore, Maryland and registered in Pakistan as a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization under the Societies Act XXI of 1860.
You can learn more about the worldwide network of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs by visiting: CCP Worldwide Network