District Based Consultation Sahiwal

A collective demand of more provision of funds for health sector and across the board accountability of responsible for failure of health department.

The 5th District Based Consultation was held on 17th September 2015 in District Sahiwal Convened by Center for Communication Programs Pakistan and Sach Foundation.

Moderated by Senior Journalist Syed Talat Hussain it focussed on topics such as critical reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) issues—such as unavailability of medicines, absenteeism of the health specialists and doctors in the government facilities, challenges and opportunities of the current accountability mechanisms were also discussed.

District Based Consultation Sahiwal
A 4 member panel comprising Dr.Tahiq Siraj MO-BHU, Shafqat Gillani President Press Club , Aziz Ahmed Ghoria Chairman Press Club, Nusrat Iqbal BHU-Laboratory Incharge led the discussion by highlighting the deplorable health conditions of health of the District.

Promotion of positive health–seeking behaviors in regard to safe motherhood, general health care and child survival were raised as a “must have” necessity by the community.

A vital link was also sought to bridge the gap between health workers and the communities in order to educate them about their health rights and eventually generate awareness on Health , RMCNH and health institutions.

While appreciating the event, the participants this was the first instance where they were presented with a platform to raise their concerns and highlight the prevailing health issues of District Sahiwal. They requested the moderator to share their recommendations with lawmakers and politicians and emphasise to them the critical condition of health in the district.

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