In broadcast-media, Center has expertise in producing entertainment-education products from soap operas, music videos, television and radio talk shows and television magazine shows to full-fledged commercial feature film. Center has vast experience in producing television commercials and using below-the-line communication technologies, i.e. branding and outdoor advertising. Center in Pakistan has pioneered a framework for using religious leaders and religious organizations as advocates and communicators for achieving development goals. It has successfully engaged more than 1,500 influential religious leaders as social and behavior change agents for successfully promoting better health and nutrition among their congregants. Center has also revived centuries old tradition of string-puppetry in Pakistan as a low-cost high-impact communication tool. Center has established a vast network of well-recognized print and broadcast journalists and television anchorpersons for development related advocacy and reporting. Center believes in developing tailor-made social and behavior change communication frameworks that are in accordance to local needs and could meet challenges of reaching underserved areas with limited reach of mainstream means of communication.

Area of Services

Social and Behavior Change Communication

Center works through all available forms of media and has expertise in conceptualization, design, implementation, and evaluation of strategic communication interventions, including development of campaigns, materials, and special events.

Featured Project

Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns

PAIMAN was a USAID-funded programme implemented by John Snow Institute in partnership with Center for Communications Programs. The Program started in October 2004 and completed in December 2010.

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Capacity Strengthening

One of Center's core competencies is capacity development of partners and stakeholders. Center in Pakistan draws upon resources from its global network, in particular from Johns Hopkins University, to conduct state-of-the-art training in interpersonal communication, design and development of communication strategies, application of concepts, theories and research to communication programming. We also specialize in innovative methods of capacity development techniques using role-playing, simulation, case studies, position rotations and observation assignments.

Featured Project

Meena Social Mobilization Initiative

Center for Communication Programs Pakistan facilitated and supported UNICEF Pakistan in developing guidelines and detailed training manuals for different levels of training for applying Meena communication material.

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Communication Research and Evaluation

Center has unsurpassed communication research and evaluation capabilities in Pakistan including application of innovative data collection and analysis techniques. We have extensive expertise in quality pre-testing, assessments and impact studies of communication-related interventions.

Knowledge Management

Center develops advanced mechanisms and time-tested tools to foster and sustain networks, information systems and databases.

Featured Project

Design and Development of a Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio for Jazz

Center is providing support to Mobilink Pakistan in designing and developing a portfolio on corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio for Jazz. The portfolio will cover all thematic areas, i.e. education, health, environment, disaster relief, of Jazz holistically within the overall CSR strategy of Jazz.

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Advocacy & Media Relations

Center works closely with policymakers and civil society organizations to bring critical development topics to the top of the political agenda and to garner consensus for high-impact initiatives.

Featured Project

Advocacy for Population and National Advancement [APNA Pakistan]

APNA Pakistan [Advocacy for Population and National Advancement] was a concerted advocacy campaign funded by UNFPA and implemented by a consortium led by Contech International .

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Center for Communication Programs Pakistan is a sister organization of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs based in Baltimore, Maryland and registered in Pakistan as a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization under the Societies Act XXI of 1860.
You can learn more about the worldwide network of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs by visiting: CCP Worldwide Network